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A calming sanctuary for relaxation and a working space to simply create.


Where are classes held?

All classes are held at our Anise Art Studio 6 Melaleuca Avenue, Lake Cathie, in a very well supplied Art Studio. It is highly recommended that parents accompany their child for meet and greet. After that, children can walk where the witches are to enter the studio on their own.

What do you teach in your children's classes?

We offer a multifaceted program that gives children technical tools enabling them to express their creativity in an imaginative and playful way.

Each term we explore drawing techniques, painting methods, collage and multimedia, sculpture, printmaking and class collaborations. Some projects have a completed outcome such as a finished painting, a detailed drawing or a sculpture while others focus on giving the child a wider opportunity to experience art making and creativity.

Each child starts with what they wish to learn, which means they are on individual programs.

We encourage all our students to explore different methods, art practice and subject matter.

Sometimes I will have a class during the term where I will teach new skills to the all the classes to build up each students repertoire. This process has had a lot of success in the past.

A lot of energy and thought goes into the preparation for each child. We use high quality materials in class and only hire experienced teachers who have gone through a Working with Children Check. They are under my supervision at all times.

What do you teach in your teen classes?

Our teen programs teach young artists how to observe and develop their artistic skills. Each teen is on their own individual program, where skills and subject matter, exploration of various art materials are highly recommended. Support for HSC students is available.

We understand that the teenage years are fraught with emotional tribulation and that art making can be a valuable tool for catharsis, self-expression and personal inspiration. While teaching traditional methods of drawing and painting, we subtly educate our teenage students about how artists throughout the ages have expressed their emotions through their choice of subject matter, their techniques as well as their choice of colours and textures.

Art is an expressive communication method that can sometimes work as a replacement of the spoken word. As the teens develop artistic skills, their confidence improves and so does their communication! There are few places in LAKE CATHIE that offer such an advanced program – imparting skills like university level programs – to teens aged 12-18. My older students have all won prizes and entry into Visual Arts Degrees.

Can you teach my child how to draw?

YES! If your child is showing an interest in art and wants to learn techniques for how to draw, paint and create better? Perfect!  Over the years we have noticed that it is children with this mindset that get most out of our programs.

We have been lucky that most of our students have stayed with us for several years.

As with any activity, the child must be open and willing to learn. Once a child is ready to take art making seriously – while still approach it in a playful way – our programs will teach them techniques that make them better artists today while laying the foundation for further artistic development in the future.

Why are classes so expensive?

Our highly organised studio is run with the deepest of consideration for our students. That means we use professional, high quality art materials and canvases. We spend a considerable amount of time developing programs tailored to the various skill levels of our students. In our children’s classes we have a ratio of 1 teacher to 12 students.

Our programs are not a play clubs or child-minding activities. On the contrary, we invest a lot of time creating a learning environment unlike any other in NSW where integrity, and respect are number one and place a high value of this unique contribution to the community.

Is the studio a safe & secure environment for children?

The safety and health of our students is of utmost importance to us.

We guarantee that all children are fully supervised during our classes. As the studio has an indoor toilet child will need to zip around the corner. It is all safe and secure. We train our students to watch out for each other. Eyeballs are always on the safety of the children.

Generally, parents are required to drop off and pick up from the studio after the lesson, however parents travelling from a bigger distance are welcome to stay until art class is over. Please advise up if this relates to you. We use non-toxic materials and Anise Art Studio is a shellfish and egg free environment, and I personally utilise the highest quality essential oils in the classes. Soft Ethereal music is played on our studio environment. Please ask about that when you are here.

Enrollment Forms

Every parent must complete an enrollment form before any weekly art class or holiday workshop is attended. It is an insurance requirement. Children who are on our enrollment list are welcome to attend ART CLASS on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Our art studio is open until 6pm during school terms for children who need to travel to our classes. Prior to any holiday workshop, you can request an enrollment form which we can send you via Facebook Messenger or email it to you.

How many classes are there in each term?

Our terms are 10 weeks long, so there are 12 weekly classes for the children. Classes are held from Tuesday to Thursday 3pm-4.30pm, 3.30-5pm, 4pm-5.30pm and 4.30pm to 6pm.

Currently there are 2 adult classes per week, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 10.30am to 12.30pm. If there is ever an exception to this, we will let you know.

What if my child can't do a full term?

Students benefit greatly from starting the term in week 1. However, if this is not possible for you, please contact the studio and we can try and work out an alternative arrangement. However, we have had students attending fortnightly, and even monthly. Weekly is preferred but not a necessity.

Is there flexibility with your age groups?

We believe students benefit most from being in a mixed class gender and age. I train the children to use the studio to their advantage, so they learn self-responsibility, self-awareness and independence. I teach the children to trust their natural intuition when it comes to their inspired creation. This is super important because it teaches them to trust their inner hunches.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes we offer a one time only introductory class to see if your child is a fit with us and the creative space, and if we are a fit with your child. Please ask about this. The first class is generally a $10 discount.

What if my child doesn't like it?

If you’re not certain that our program is the right choice for your child, we would recommend that you start by enrolling the child in a few school holiday programs. This way your child can try it out without committing to a longer course.

Once you have committed to a class we do not refund fees under any circumstances. If your child misses a class, they can make up another class on another day only if the class is not full. Please ring us to discuss this. Being in communication is super important.

How do I book in?

Our class booking system will be online so just click on the class or session you are interested in and follow the steps. Alternatively, we have Eftpos available in the studio. We prefer term payments upfront. Half Term payments are also available. However, we offer payments as you go as an option for you. Art FEES must always be paid BEFORE the class.

Failure to pay for classes either before or on the day will result is a 50% penalty fee added to your next class.  If you don’t have the internet, or you have trouble booking online, you can call us 0422 029 084 and we can help.

Do I need to provide my child's materials?

In most cases all materials are supplied as part of your fee. If students are required to bring or purchase their own materials a list will be emailed prior to the commencement of the course.

Kits purchased through the school are priced with a 20% student discount and can be picked up at the beginning of the first class.

If students do not require the full materials kit, individual items can be purchased at the studio.

What should my child wear?

Please ensure that your child wears old clothes and shoes as paints and other materials may stain clothing. We have art aprons to protect the school uniforms, and children can get changed in one of the rooms if necessary.

Are we a Creative Kids Provider?

Yes, we are!  We are a Creative Kids provider. We encourage you to act on the NSW Government Creative Kids funding. This is helping kids get creative with the new Creative Kids program. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school.

CLICK HERE to apply for your active kids voucher

The voucher may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and tuition costs for creative arts, speech, drama, dance, digital design, coding, and music lessons and activities. The voucher can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued.

Do you cater for kid’s with special needs?

Yes we cater for children with special needs and who have sensitive issues. We believe the act of art making to be very calming and motivating for them. Communication skills improve, as well as confidence level, and further development in personal self- awareness. It is very important that you inform us about your child’s needs, and we usually recommend ‘a meet and greet’ before your child commences classes. That way the child sees the art studio set up and can decide if they are comfortable in the studio, and we too get to see if your child is a fit for us too.

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